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Since 1981, Advanced Entertainment Services has provided outstanding Indoor/Close Proximity, Stage theatrical Lighting, Special Effects, and Production Services for events in Las Vegas and worldwide.

Creative design, expert installation, reliable materials supply, in-depth technician training, outstanding customer service, and a reputation for consistently producing innovative, cutting-edge, special effects shows that are second to none, are all integral parts of the formula that has made AES one of the most successful special effects companies in the world.

AES has built a strong and loyal customer base the world over, serving on production teams throughout North America, Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail and integrity AES provides – focusing on safety and creativity in every event.

AES has been closely affiliated with the production teams for several major cruise lines. As the cruise ship industry rapidly expanded over the last 20 years, so has AES’ participation in the design and development of the special effects systems used in the onboard production shows, implementing state-of-the-art special effects control systems in their showrooms and lounges on over 36 cruise ships worldwide. Recently, AES expanded its operations to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, opening a full service office and warehouse facility to accommodate our cruise ship, touring, and east coast clients.


A blast of fire, shower of sparks, puff of smoke, flash of light, or aerial burst of twinkling, multicolored stars generates excitement from an audience which is unequaled by any other production element.

Theatrical Lighting

Whether it’s a showroom, convention center, or major arena, the extensive knowledge and technical expertise of the AES design staff assures a creative, professional lighting experience for every production.

Event Production

With years of experience in the showrooms of Las Vegas, on concert tours world-wide, in the movie studios of Hollywood, and within the corporate presentation environment, AES is capable of handling all aspects of your production from conception to completion.

Special Effects

Our meticulous attention to detail, expert understanding of how other elements of the production interact with AES’ creations, and our vast experience designing, installing, and displaying spectacular special effects in a variety of environments all combine to produce the most creative, safe, and exhilarating production experience for you and your audience!

Equipment Rentals

Looking for a specific piece of equipment for your production and don't have the budget to buy it outright? Contact AES today and ask about our equipment rentals - we have a wide variety of solutions for your production team.

Product Sales

AES has developed a colleciton of different pyrotechnic equipment use for specifics setups and productions. Your production could own some of the best products ever created!